Upper Room Chapel



From time to time we and others will hold events at the Upper Room Chapel.

Weddings, funerals services, bar / bat mitzvah and Christian concerts are all forms of worship. Also Christian ministries will be able to use parts of the Upper Room Chapel for their television outreach programs. Please check the calendar for events. Note: Weddings and funeral services will not be posted on the calendar.


The Upper Room has regularly scheduled hours open for prayer. If you would just like to come and pray or have someone pray with you our "prayer team" will be here for you.

Monday - Friday 7:00am to Noon - Prayer
Saturdays 7:00am to 7:00pm - Prayer
Sundays 11:00am - Worship Service
Sundays 1:00pm to 6:30pm - Prayer
Sundays 6:30pm - Worship Service



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